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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 11:45:15 PDT

Here's a feature that's seriously missing from napster:
search by lyric fragment. Right now you can do artist and
song, which are always mixed up, but you can't do
a search on some lyric fragment. This is the sole reason
I use Napster is to find songs where I have no clue
on who sings it or what they name of the song is.
I always end up using AltaVista to do the lyric
search, get a list of possible matches, and then plug
them in one at a time on Napster to see if it's the song
I was thinking of.

Someone should tell those Napster boys about putting
some lyric metadata into their MP3's or else generate
it using some speech software.


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