Re: Lyrics search [was: Re: Napster]

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 07:10:22 PDT

Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:
> Tom wrote:
> > Lyric data is not as rich as it was on the web, not like they used to be.
> Do people not like Gigabeat's "search by lyric" function?

I missed something. so, Gigabeat's lyric search, 5 screens,
interpreting all the information & not being able to sort it
by connection speed, single source download, payment crap
getting in the way, and no download management other
than they make sure the popup ads don't come up the
same twice with cookies is better than putting lyrics
metadata into Napster?

Out of 7 downloads, I got 100% "We're sorry, but this page is
currently unavailable for viewing..."


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