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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 09:29:44 PDT

A friend sent me the information on Parabons distributed cancer research
"screen saver" effort. When I went tot he site a few things dinged me the
wrong way.

"Not every computation that runs on your computer will be related to
cancer research, but many will. And the computations your computer will
run for our commercial clients help to strengthen our business, making it
possible for Parabon to fund even more nonprofit research."

hmmm. CAn we maybe have an option button to just do the pro bono work? If
not I would really like a full disclosure of who im letting use my
computer. I m not very comfortable with the thought of PhilipMorris doing
number crunching on my boxes.

java as the engine. yea its cross platform, no its not going to utilize
the power of an idle computer like the hand tweeked clients of seti or the
RC5 crack will. the overhead for java is not something you want to add to
projects looking to "harness computer power".

They use the term "its a win-win;" ugh.

I love the idea of doing cancer research with my idel time. I just wish
someone like Distribnet or the folks who did Seti would take it up.
Something corporatley otherly is making me not want to be a Parabon
widget. Am i correct in my gut twitch, or am I being a dumb ass? Who has
the pewp on parabon?


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