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From: John Regehr (jdr8d@cs.virginia.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 11:16:58 PDT

I ran into Kevin Sullivan the other day and he told me about a project
that he's working on that sounds pretty interesting. Here's the abstract
to a paper that should be available as a UVA tech report real soon now
from here:


 We present a new dimension in software architecture: the systematic
 embedding of web servers into runtime software components to provide a
 highly leveraged, scalable, secure mechanism for accessing, monitoring and
 controlling systems through their runtime architectures. Applications
 could include remote debugging; distributed management; spider indexing of
 computations to aid understanding and evolution; survivability control;
 runtime analysis using web-encoded metadata; web-based open
 implementations; and aspect-oriented runtime architectures. A simple
 system suffices to show the feasibility of and to illustrate this idea.

John Regehr

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