Agave Tipping

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 07:47:35 PDT

I am happy to say that I've walked through the famous
fields of blue agave in Tequila, MX. This is funny,
it's just like sneaking in and cow tipping as a teenager, except
you can get money for it.

On another note, I know have a complete collection of
Cabo Wabo tequila in all 3 bottles. Cabo Wabo, Anejo, and
Reserva. I have quite the empty tequila bottle collection now.


> Police Patrol 'Tequila' Cactus
> Updated 11:28 AM ET August 9, 2000
> GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Reuters) - As if they were fine
> jewels, some prime agave-growing areas in western Mexico
> have been under guard by police for the past three months to
> halt the theft of a suddenly pricey commodity.
> Agave, a cactus-like plant that provides the main ingredient of
> Mexico's fiery tequila, became worth its weight in gold in
> recent months as tequila demand has begun to far outstrip
> agave supply, sending tequila prices sky-rocketing.
> With the global appetite for tequila shooting off, and domestic
> prices tripling over the past year, Mexican law enforcement has
> found it necessary to start protecting the plants from thieves,
> officials said.
> "We have 12 rural police specialized in fighting agave theft,"
> said Salvador Leal, head of public security in the town that
> gave the alcoholic drink its name, Tequila.
> Tequila, some 320 miles northwest of Mexico City, is home to
> some of Mexico's finest agave plants, which take up to nine
> years to mature.
> Leal told Reuters his special agave protection squad had
> arrested six people since they began patrolling the cactus fields
> in May. Operations mainly take place at night.
> The attractions of agave crime are obvious. A team of four
> people could cut enough in 2-1/2 hours to earn around
> $4,600, Leal said.

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