Uncle Dave ponders the meaning of namespaces

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From: Dave Winer (dave@userland.com)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 22:51:10 PDT

As long as we're trashing cherished beliefs tonight..

On the CMS mail list hosted by Cameron Barrett and Phil Suh, which btw is an
excellent list, mostly users of CMSes, all pros..

There was a thread about using XML to specify user interfaces, and a
designer, James Spahr, who has been a Frontier user for many years, said
that the XML he uses in Manila is self-documenting. Hmmm, I said to myself.

An interesting point of view and something I had missed. "Plain-tagged" XML
looks just like HTML. I found myself wondering why the designers of
namespaces didn't use an attribute to specify the namespace. Then it would
look familiar to people who have experience in HTML.

Instead of:


It would have been

<mytag namespace="mynamespace"/>

You could put more attributes there. This might be the only indisputable
place to use an attribute, but of course a True Believe would say you have
to do it this way:


So that the namespace could become something much cooler 25 years from now.

Which is probably why they went with the colonular notation.

Anyway, more pissing in the wind from Uncle Dave.


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