Re: Uncle Dave ponders the meaning of namespaces

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 09:54:57 PDT

Mike, I mean none of that.

My image of a Perl user is someone who works hard and would love to do cool
things, but too often is working on drudgery. I'd like to brighten the Perl
scripter's day by giving him or her something easy, fun, transparent,
obvious, useful and fun. (I know I said fun twice, but it's why I do this
shit myself so why shouldn't Perl scripters have fun too?)

This is the morass that XML is caught up in, people with super bad
attitudes, pissing all over people who work hard and just want to have a
good time. You should read the Napster spec. What a delight. We started a
project to implement it, it's taking about half the time that SOAP did, and
there are lots of servers deployed doing cool stuff. My inner-imp predicts
that at the end of the year Bill Gates will have a revelation, and they'll
re-tool to do Napster because that's where the Big Mo is.

So to my friends who are wed to the W3C vision, I hate to tell you this, but
you're being routed around and of course you don't get it. (You're not the
only ones.)

I still love XML. I'm still doing new ever-more-interesting XML structures.
I think you'll see a lot of XML content in the new structures that are
possible with users running servers. And there won't be any arguments about
angels on pinheads.

Nothing like a revolution to start a new millenium. ;->


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> > If this survey is accurate, the 'simplicity' argument against namespaces
> > needs to be reconsidered. Any XML-based application will be implemented
> > badly if the Perl-hackers concerned don't understand XML.
> By "don't understand", do you mean Perl programmers:
> - re-implementing one-off parsers for XML syntax & having bugs
> - using an existing Perl XML parser module incorrectly
> - outputting poorly formed XML, due to not understanding the syntax?
> Mike

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