Prince & Street Performer Protocol

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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 17:43:57 PDT

I had heard of Prince (recently known as O(+> but apparently recently
renamed Prince)'s support for Napster, but I hadn't heard this:

           The artist once again known as Prince was onto something
           when he sold his five-CD set "Crystal Ball" exclusively on
           the Web without the help of record companies, distributors,
           or record stores. On his website, he advertised the album
           and told his fans he would release not one song until he had
           100,000 pre-orders for the entire record. He sold 250,000
           copies and kept 95 percent of the revenue which industry
           experts estimate at $5 million.

This was from

If this is true --- and it appears to be corroborated by other places,
although I'm having a hard time finding Prince's website
( where
do eye put my cc#?) --- this means Prince is performing the Street
Performer Protocol.

He is, however, still threatening legal action against people making
unlicensed copies of the album, and according to, filed several nasty lawsuits against
fan websites last year.

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