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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 11:40:17 PDT

At 4:43 AM -0700 8/13/00, Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
>On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Rohit Khare wrote:
>> Get out there and buy one:
>There is nothing at that site. I can't see a thing. Where
>is the content? You expect me to spend money on people who
>can't even be up-front about what they're selling me?

Branding, my friend, branding :-)

There's a DHTML version, but to be sure, that requires a modern
browser as well...
> Behold the all-knowing, all-seeing resource for what to do in your
>city. Modo is a small, wireless, hand-held guide to places to go and
>stuff to do. Modo helps you find just the right bar, restaurant,
>club/DJ, live music, movie, sporting event, coffee shop, museum,
>performance, clothing store, outdoor activity or anything else
>you're in the mood for. When our editors find something particularly
>fun, cool, different, raucous, interesting, underground, tasty or
>otherwise worth recommending, it goes in. For everything else,
>you've got the Yellow Pages. Best of all, Modo automatically updates
>its content every day, so there's always something fresh to check

> 1.How does it work?
>Every night hot, fresh modo content gets beamed to your modo. The
>broadcast content is automatically received, stored and waiting for
>you to wonder what to do next.
>2.Where can I use it?
>You can use it any Modo city. NY, SF, and LA are up August 28. After
>that Modo will continue to launch in major cities around the
>country--and within a couple years around the world.
>3.How much will it cost?
>Under $100. You pay only for the device. The service is free--even
>if you use it in another modo city.
>4.Where can I buy it?
>You'll be able to buy modo at starting August 28th. After
>that date, you'll also be able to buy it in local stores as modo
>launches in your city. Look for it in your favorite clothing and
>music stores and other happenin' places around town.
>5.Can I get this service on the web, my cell phone or my PDA?
>Sorry. Modo is a one of a kind creation. And for good reason. Those
>other devices are just too restricitve, clumsy and limiting to
>handle modo content very well. Besides, it looks cool.

>Scout Electromedia is a consumer wireless company dedicated to
>creating innovative lifestyle products. Through user-centric product
>design, stable technology and critical content, Scout is pioneering
>a new space in the wireless industry termed "Electromedia". Grounded
>in the belief that technology should be enabling, not frustrating,
>Scout creates wireless products that are intuitive, reliable, useful
>and fun. Working with a variety of partners, Scout is committed to
>leading the development of consumer-friendly products that add value
>to people's lives.
>Scout Electromedia's first line of lifestyle devices will hit the
>shelves later this year. Unique in design, voice, and purpose, they
>represent the confluence of the most dynamic thinking in fashion,
>media and technology in response to the needs of people who want to
>do more in their cities. Retailing for under $100, they'll reset
>expectations for information access and digital ease of use.
>Based in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles and New York,
>Scout Electromedia is funded by idealab!, Chase Capital Partners,
>Flatiron Partners and Techfund Capital. The company's strategic
>partnerships include alliances with IDEO Product Development, Pixo
>Inc, Wieden & Kennedy, and Cadence Design Systems.

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