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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 12:23:11 PDT

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

--]If so, there's more to life than having lots of money, Larry. There's art
--]and music, mathematics, philosophy, theater, and sex, drugs and rock and

All of which require folks to study, explore, and be out in the world.

Drop out Take up and Expand OUt

I have seen more people educated by the world than by a school.

I think i had the best of all possible education worlds.

 I hung out at one of the better schools in my area..NJIT in the early to
mid 80's where Murrary Turrof was doing early conferenceing work and the
net was bubling like a a glass of selzter.

While others went to sit in Teacher Assitent
run classes , where grades where curved so heavily a 20% was passing,
where you had to sit in a stuffy room.. people like me ran rampant on
the resources and course note. I wrote a few finals projects, helped out
on the interesting homeworks, was part of the clubs and even had my own
student account on the computers. Why the hell would I ever want to ruin
that by enrolling?

Sure I had to work tough hours at my executive computer training
company int he 80;s where i got to play with the lattest hard and
software. It was there i got hooked on fido, sea, and other local bbs's.
It was there I got to learn the consumer endof things via lotus, dBase,
ashtons tates framework, etc. It was also there I perfect my skills as
jaurez master. Any one rmeber McQuiads copyprotection beaters?

I only had to miss a few operas (blue haired Traviatas and a Makado or
two) and once missed the Rammones at the old Ritz in nyc..thats ok though.
Being in NYC at the time ment I was never more than a month away from
another great show, an art exhibit, a scultupre set up (cutting
High School to go watch rodans Gates of Hell being set up was more of an
art education than most folks get in a life time of "schooling") or other
mind expanding events.

Fuck traditional. Grow up In New York city, grab access where ever you
can, go work in the field of your calling.

Sure you will spell funny, but you can always say its a Cummings thang:)-

drop out of Hunter (part of CUNY)
never a student at NJIT
visted MIT twice (stolet he signs off of Deep thoughts door)
and tagged along with my dad as he went through night school for his BA
when i was a teenager.

PS Heres a long shot, but maybe one that will prove out the net is a
mighty small big place. Anyone know a fella named BJ White? He was a asst
prof at NJIT who helped me more than he may ever know. If anyone knows
him, let me know.

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