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From: Mark Day (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 12:58:07 PDT

> I usually find myself on the "a lot of information should probably be free
> (available), especially academic works used for educational purposes" side
> of a debate, but these folks are SELLING other people's work. I
> don't know
> the exact copyright laws/restrictions regarding academic
> dissertations, but
> this might be worth a look if you're worried about your copyrights being
> infringed and collecting appropriate royalties, etc.

What am I supposed to be worried about here? That UMI is taking on the
thankless task of making doctoral dissertations widely and uniformly
available at a nominal cost? Is there someone else out there making this
information available for less?

Besides, anyone who can make money off *my* doctoral dissertation has earned
it. ;-)


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