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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endtech.com)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 12:39:20 PDT

For immediate release:
August 16, 2000

                      Beberg Launches Decentralized ICANN Lobbying Effort
                      Announces Intention to Run for ICANN

                      SANTA CLARA -- Adam Beberg, general Internet hooligan, AIM user,
                      and founder of Distributed.net and Mithral.com has announced
                      his candidacy to run for the ICANN board. Under the current
                      election rules, Beberg can upstage any of the 4 North American
                      nominees by garnering 2% of the activated members of his/her
                      geographic region. In this case, Beberg is vying for the
                      North American Region which covers every thing from Silicon
                      Valley to Boston, Quebec to Cancun.

                      August 14th was the last day for an individual to submit
                      his/her name to ICANN as a candidate for member-nomination, and
                      the 15th through the 31st is the window for Beberg to garner
                      the needed 20 or so member nominations.

                      Beberg is best known for his involvement in the Distributed.net
                      project which spawned a thousand clones includine SETI@Home, YETI@Home,
                      Cancer@Home, as well as a variety of commercial ventures. This
                      is done through software that allows Internet users to participate in
                      large-scale computational projects such as vaccine
                      research, computer graphics rendering, financial
                      simulations, Internet databases, and many others. Using
                      the power of Internet-connected computers working
                      together, these types of programs can tackle problems previously
                      thought unsolvable.

                      "Adam has embarked on this journey to demonstrate to
                      Nelson Minar and Brian Behlendorf that popular power
                      doesn't necessarily have to mean 'computing power'," says
                      Regina Schuman, VPIC (Vice President in Charge). "When
                      our company was evaluating the multitude of distirbuted
                      computing projects that would uniquely fit our data mining
                      of all the privacy data we bought from Real, Doubleclick,
                      and Yahoo! to best determine what people were looking
                      for in a vice-presidential candidate, his latest venture
                      stood out from the crowd. We decided to drop a couple
                      millon on his pipe dream, but unfortunately,
                      his high moral standing and genuine concern for the health,
                      well being, and happiness of the beast that has become the
                      Internet led him to refuse the investment to prevent a
                      conflict of interest if he wins the ICANN election."

                      Professor LL, who preferred to remain anonymous, but left
                      his Stanford Law School signature on the bottom of his
                      email was quoted as saying, "Beberg? Who's that? He
                      doesn't have a chance."

                      Beberg hopes to take advantage of the pro-Napter, anti-Carnivore
                      crowd to create a groundswell of support for his candidacy.
                      "I encourage you to visit the ICANN site and elect a fellow
                      FoRKer into the ranks," Beberg was quoted as saying at a
                      recent fundraiser in the heart of Orange County.

                      For more information, please visit the ICANN At-Large membership
                      elections site http://www.icann.org/at-large/at-large.htm

                      Or, please write your local Beberg party official.

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