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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 17:33:55 PDT

In a message dated 8/16/00 5:28:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< I don't know about great wealth, but I can attest that there is a
 downside to great intelligence. You never know whether people like you
 because you're smart or because they actually like you as a human
 being. They may not know either, and it's a complicated question in
 any event.>>

aren't intelligence and the ability to earn money subsets of being human as
much as anything else?

it is very complicated, because of differing values, assumptions and
associations. one might just as well be liked IN SPITE of his/her wealth and
intelligence, if negative associations with wealth (snobbery) and
intelligence (cluenessness) prevail.

"just because no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist" is an
example of an accepted but narrow association. invert to "just because
you're rich doesn't mean people like you." caveat presumptor.


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