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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 18:28:50 PDT

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<< In the ultimate spirit of YMMV, I find definitely that money can enhance
 one's prospects for integrity. Nothing criminal, nothing actionable,
 but still there were companies/people I have worked for in the past
 which I felt were questionable and would have preferred not to be
 employed by. A good example is doing sysadmin consulting for a firm
 which continually teetered on the verge of chapter 11, and having to
 order supplies from firms knowing that our purchasing dept would
 probably be 30/60/90 days late or maybe even fail to pay them at all. I
 left as soon as I could.

Integrity with a threshold. I like it. :-)

if i were poor and had nothing to lose, would my decision to do the right
thing require more courage or less courage than a decision made when i was
rich and didn't have to lose anything?

A. more
B. less
C. same
D. neither decision requires courage

in my mind (such as it is) the value of ethics, integrity and honor is
predicated to some degree on what i am willing to sacrifice for them.


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