Re: Analysis is your friend [was: Re: Ellison on Loserhood]

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 21:52:30 PDT

If that doc pumps anybody's nads, I would highly encourage reading [1] and
[2] below. Wild, wacky stuff; the whole thing has a nagging, tautological,
self-referential quality that I can't really articulate even to myself yet;
further, the premises (closed universe, etc.) are likely proving to be
wrong, based on current measurements and consensus re: the pertinent
constants. Still, the most sober (ahem, albeit still not very much so) and
serious attempt at looking at human "destiny" that I've come across. The
appendix of [2] is a bitch; it broke my MathCAD when I attempted to play
-w- some of the math. :-)


[1] The Anthropic Cosmological Principle by John Barrow and Frank Tipler
[2] The Physics of Immortality... by Frank Tipler

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