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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 22:40:05 PDT

"Adam L. Beberg" wrote:

> Is there anything else? It's all just a game for status and
> "points"(money).

Well, I have found plenty else, and I just wish that people would stop
bugging me long enough for me to enjoy the else consistently. There are
enough zero-sum-dweebs out there to make it harder than it needs to be.

> A human can only consume limited quantities of food, sex, and shelter,
> everything else is just part of the game.

"And we're all very grateful to the snake." Yah, right....not.

> The lower profile you can keep, the better. Until you are ready to come
> out of hiding and shread everything around you into bits, just lay low.

Sounds like a good game plan, except for the part about shredding
things. Why would I need to? For that matter, why come out of hiding
if I have "enough" for my value of "enough"? I come out for fun now and
then, but to play and chat rather than to take hills. I'm not really
into the jeux sans frontires thing.

Perhaps a bit of Love & Rockets philosophy? "Live a life you love, use
a God you trust, and don't take it all too seriously."

But usually it devolves to "You've got to get away, from the city of
lights. Then, when you're gone, you've got to get back. It is some,
strange addiction, that makes you put yourself, back on the rack."

Stuck at the dog-end of a day gone by,

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