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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 12:20:23 PDT

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Kragen Sitaker wrote:

--]I've been on polite lists, and I like them. But polite lists don't
--]have Tomwhore :)

Depends on what you mean by polite. I think most folks confuse polite with
obscuring "conflict" with sugar and pablum.

Life is short folks; say what you mean and mean what you say. Be ready to
take on ideas that challenge your very foundations and , if it should come
down to it, admit when your wrong and adapt the new truness into your

I really totaly (and lots of other ly s) despise those that would subvert
a true converstaion to a watered down one simply because they feel
"uncomfortable" with certian language/facts/ideas.

Those that would "heal" the ills of "bad" manners or wash the
unclean should check thier own damn heads for the
cancer of censure, the rot of rote and the malady of moral self

I generaly dont stay on lists that put the nicey nice above content. Id
rather mine in truer turf than wallow in candy coated self righteous

Now dont get me wrong. A good debate has certian ground rules. Prime of
those being honesty and content. All else, is fluff and window

I could give a damn if someone is "offended" cause i said Java sucks large
donkey balls. Yes you may be one of the princaple folks working on it, but
if you were it sucking would not be any great surprise to you. If im
being a dickkhead about it, well then school my sorry ass and teach me
proper rather than smiling and saying "well now we dont use the Donkey
B**** word here".

If theres one thing I dont mind being is called on being a dumbass, heck
its one of the best ways to learn how not to be a dumb ass in the future.

Lloyd Wood has a fucking forest of timber stuck up his but so far its
almmost impossible to have a good exchange with him, hence the smacketh
downing. Since his use as information and learing source were nil his only
real use was as sports-entertainment. Bang Bang lloyd, did your kibobots
just start ringing?:)-

This list is great. The regulars here can syphon my early morning
grumblefuckrants for what they are without getting thier pantys all in an
uproar. Often I will get mail pointing out where I went wrong technicaly
and to these folks I give a 100% heartfelt thank you for the schooling.
Those that rag on my spelling , other thanin jest, are simply looking for
me to biotch slap them with my grueling 12 inch python of passion. Can ya
feel the love?

I learn a lot from fork and its people not becuase of how they say thing
alone but from what they say. Other lists Ive been on either peter out to
the samness rut (how many times can you have a debate over guncontrol with
the same 5 people over 6 years) or have a layer of "politeness" that
filters out all use.

CONTENT babby, it aint just a cloth holding prisoners.

That just my opinion you milage may vary.

(smooches to the boys and girls across the street from the slidding roof
stadium. so when is a portland road trip out of the muck of the day in

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