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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 16:33:41 PDT

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

--]"To eliminate all INVOLUNTARY pain, death, coercion, and stupidity from
--]the Universe."
--]Any problems?

Plenty. WHos the limit setter for INVOLUNTARY? WHos idea of stupidity gets
the reing over humanity?

Sorry. While the excercise is enjoyable the executoin is a tad
totolertatirin for me. Imagine a worldset you want with the PMRC and
Lawernce Welkl fans in charge.

And a onea and a two anda its time to dancea the Me Knows What You Should
Fell Polka.

(applause from audience)

--]Who would you trust it to? Someone so ostentatiously humble, so new and
--]unacclimated to the issues, that they're too shocked to venture an
--]opinion? I don't think I have a direct line to The Truth, but I'm not
--]afraid to guess using the best information I have - or to plan ahead for
--]the possibility that I'm wrong.

You plan for your truth, ill plan for mine, Where we colide is gonna be
one interesting place. Im thinking Pay Per View and tshirts.

"look out were marching to a faster pace
wtch out, your marching with the master race" mel brooks[1]

[1] yea so i probaly butchered it a bit,but the only quote i remeber from
that song off the top of my head is "I come from Dusseldorf, that is why
they call me Ralph" and "Come on stupid be a schmarty come and join the
nazi[2] party". None of them fit, well maybe all that well.

[2]godwins alert, some one wake up the flame retardents.

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