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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 16:24:32 PDT


BTW, I think this is a really intriguing conversation, and I'm just taunting you on some
of the edge cases, here. I'm actually doing the same things to you that I was beating
up on Gordon for on this list last night, so I apologize and acknowledge a kind of
tongue-in-cheek hypocrisy on my part.

I think that if you're really open to having a real discussion about this kind of stuff,
that's great; this argument has convinced me, if nothing else, that the kinds of
intellectual autoeroticism we're sometimes prone to indulging on FoRK (the question of
evil, the notion of property rights, frameworks for consensus, natural rights, the value
of markets, generalizations from markets, etc.) actually do have some sort of practical
and relatively near-term application. (That possibility also encourages treatment of
those discussions in a rather more practical and less flamboyantly and pointlessly
rhetorical way.) Rather than pushing you to the outside, we ought to be inviting you to
join the conversation. This kind of thing may not be of interest to enough of FoRK for
it to be the right place, but I would actually welcome this a true discussion of some of
this stuff in whatever venue might be appropriate.


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