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From: Damien Morton (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 22:26:35 PDT

Qualuudes for everyone.

Why take anti-depressants when you can the effect of drinking a bottle of
tequila without the blury slury woozyness and without the hangover.

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> Short little anecdote that might be humorous. I got married
> way to early, 22, and subsequently
> divorced when I was 26. During the period just after the
> divorce, I was *convinced* that I was
> "depressed." (In fact, I was just kind of stressed and
> partying way too much to be good for my
> brain chemistry.) I went to see a shrink.
> After sitting there for an hour listening to *him* tell *me*
> a hunting story, a fishing story,
> and a story about a couple, friends of his, who chased each
> other through their house in the
> middle of the night with shotguns, he essentially said "okay,
> time's up. You want any drugs?"
> I said, "well, what, do you think I need drugs?"
> "Oh sure, everybody needs drugs."
> "Okay."
> "You've heard of Prozac, right? I'm going to give you
> something like that [that's what he
> said] called Zoloft. And I'm going to give you some Xanax.
> Start out with 1/2 pill twice a
> day, then up the dosage to as many as you can tolerate 4
> times a day and still function. And
> I'm going to give you some Paxil, too, just to calm you down."
> Geez. Okay.
> So I decided to ease into it. Took the Zoloft. First day I
> took it, it was *fantastic!* I was
> king of the world. Nothing could get me down, I was
> fan-fucking-tastic. Second day: hey,
> everything's pretty cool. Third day: no emotional reaction
> to anything whatsoever.
> Stopped taking it on the fourth day. I figured any
> turbulence I was going through was
> transient and even the extremes were better than total
> emotional deadness. Played with the
> Xanax; helped me sleep on occasion. Never tried the Paxil.
> I'm all for better living through chemistry, but I agree with
> cdale that commercial psychomeds
> are overused, especially the SSRIs.
> Interestingly, the one of the best and most benign
> psychotropic drugs I've ever taken for a
> problem I might actually need meds for --- insomnia --- was
> Rohypnol. (Xanax is no good,
> really, for that; gives me really fucked up nightmares.) Of
> course, Rohypnol was too good to
> be true: total child-like deep sleep, no weird nightmares,
> no effect on dreaming at all, wake
> up feeling rested and refreshed, even a sort of calm, happy
> "afterglow" throughout the morning
> after. So "they" had to go and make it impossible to obtain
> legally in the US, or even bring
> into the US after obtaining elsewhere. Those bastards! Grrr...
> $0.02,
> jb
> jb

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