DotForce: The Sun Also Royses :-)

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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 21:17:42 PDT

[Hey, Roy, can you beat a-certain-other-LA-startup's 92% Sun hardware discount schedule yet? :-)]

Sun Microsystems Names eBuilt as iForce eIntegrator

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA--eBuilt Inc., a designer and builder of Internet
business solutions for new and existing businesses, has been named as a
Sun Microsystems Inc. iForce eIntegrator. The deal will make Sun
hardware and software technology available to e offerings. The deal will
also help eBuilt leverage its investment and training in Java
application tools and Java software engineering capability.

The iForce eIntegrator community is part of the larger Sun iForce
initiative, which consists of programs initiative, which consists of
programs and alliances designed to provide customers with the
relationships and expertise they need to get their businesses online
quickly. The iForce initiative brings together all of Sun's Internet
programs, products, services, and solutions aimed at customers, ranging
from startups to large enterprise.

August 18, 2000,,5431_440351,00.html


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