RE: [HTTPfutures] Dan Connolly on HTTP goofs and musings / Two Way Web

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From: S. Mike Dierken (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 09:41:55 PDT

> For example, the Two Way Web thread on in March 2000:
> contains a great little discussion of "The Two Way Web" -- I go back and
> reread that thread from time to time.

The 'Two Way Web' discussion seemed mostly about how clients send info to
servers and how servers send info to servers.
I'm more interested in how a server sends info to a client. [Client and
server are poor terms. By 'client' I mean a machine really close to a

Do what we do today (whatever that is), but let my [desktop | laptop |
palmtop | phone] receive messages. Let Joe Greenhair write programs for me
that handle those messages and do cool things I would never have thought of.
Let Joe Nipplering write programs that send messages that have high value
for someone, somewhere without knowing who or where that someone is.

That's the next wave.


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