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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 13:08:21 PDT

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

--]Jeff Bone wrote:
--]> Eugene's not proposing to *do* anything to me with his uberbeing, like
--]> subjegate me to some loony set of seed Rules that he thinks are spiffy and
--]> fair. Yet, anyway. ;-) (Eugene?)
--]As far as I can tell, 'gene wants to turn you loose in an ecology of
--]competing superintelligences with no particular motivation to be nice to

As a spieces we have gone thru and continue to go thru a gauntlet much
like what you describe. We are wallowing in a sea of forces greater lesser
than ourselves. If this disturbs you maybe you need some sea sick pills.
If you want to wage war on the sea, the tides, the winds and the weather
paterns then you just run along and do that.

I understand its scary to realize that the univierse and its multifaceted
intertwinings is way way beyond yours rules and regualtions. Its ok to be
scared, to be in awe of things greater than your own singleton being,
to seek to grasp your own understanding.

But when you start telling other people how they should undertand it, how
they should see it, what thier experience of it is then you are reacing
beyond self realization into the realm of abusive control.

History has shown that while mindsets like yours might prevail in the
short or mid term, there will come a time when a monkey wrench will lay
your best laid plans down.

If this deabte is any indication of your plans I would have to say you
have a long long way to go before you even get up to the point of
understanding the human condition enough to get a rules set going in draft

You come off sounding like a verbose Steve Ricahrds, always crying back to
the fact your doing this for our own "good" and making up the rules to
fill in the weak spots of your master plan.

Think of Jeff And myself as your own personal monkey wrenches. When you
think you got it all figgured out, you bring it on down to Candy assed
land and Jabroni Avensue and we will check you into the labs at the Smack
Down Hotel.

--]If you can do whatever you want, in what sense have you been subjugated?

So long as we have the ability and access to dismantle your
uberfunkmakeian then we have enough power to not be subjugated by it.

You take away the off swtitch, we take off its head. etihter way, problem

Humanity, its a great idea you might want to try out before you try to
become its Skellator.

roughnecks hoo ya.

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