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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 13:50:20 PDT

I'm on the PC for this workshop, but unfortunately I won't be able to
attend. It's a very timely topic, though.

When the Two-Way Web is used for collaboration, it increases the need for
awareness of the activities of other collaborators. Awareness is one area
where WebDAV doesn't provide much support, but many DAV-based applications
are collaborative, and hence require awareness. Since other collaborator's
actions can occur at any time, it is natural to think of an asynchronous
communications medium, such as an event notification service, as the way to
transmit awareness information, and hence this topic impinges on EN services
as well.

- Jim


                          First Call for Papers

                        International Workshop on
                      AWARENESS & THE WORLD WIDE WEB

                at the ACM CSCW'2000 International Conference

                      Philadelphia, December 2nd, 2000
                 Submission deadline: September 29th, 2000

           Home page:



Awareness issues are becoming increasingly meaningful in the context of
the WWW.

The first reason is that Web technologies provide a unique implementation
platform for awareness tools, with many benefits. The emergence of
information appliances (not only mobile devices but also kiosks and
public displays) is making the WWW even more appealing to CSCW designers.

The second reason is that the WWW itself is becoming an activity space,
which people should be made more "aware" of. For instance, information
consumers should be able to "see" and meet each other when they visit
related places on the Web. Also, information publishers should be able
get a better idea of what is happening on their sites, in more natural,
continuous and effortless ways.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from various
backgrounds, having interest in one or both of these two aspects.


We invite contributions from CSCW experts who have designed, implemented
and evaluated awareness systems using Web technologies. Examples include
media spaces, group awareness tools and persistent shared workspaces.

We also seek for contributions from WWW and HCI experts, who have
designed systems for making users aware of the activity occurring on the
Web. Systems that we have in mind include: collaborative browsers,
on-line matchmaking tools, monitoring systems, visualization tools and
ambient user interfaces.

Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to:

   * The WWW as an activity space

     - Capture and representation of activity on the WWW
     - Support for synchronous and asynchronous communication on the Web
     - Collaborative browsers
     - Chance encounters on the WWW

   * The WWW as an implementation platform for awareness tools

      - Group awareness systems
      - Shared persistent workspaces
      - Web-based awareness appliances: mobile devices, kiosks, etc.
      - Instant messaging in relation with Web-based systems

   * Awareness in mixed reality environments:
     making Web activity perceptible in the real world

     - Ambient user interfaces
     - Visualization
     - Auditory user interfaces

   * Application domains:

     - Communityware & domestic applications
     - Education
     - Knowledge management
     - Digital libraries
     - Entertainment

   * Other issues:

     - Architectures, protocols and metadata
     - Evaluation methods
     - Privacy


A special issue on "Awareness and the WWW" will be published in the
International Journal on Human Computer Studies (IJHCS) after the

Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions
of their manuscript for a second review round, for inclusion in that
special issue.


Workshop participants are asked to submit either a short paper or a
position paper. Submissions will be reviewed by the program committee.

* Length: 2'500 words max. for short papers
* Format: HTML (preferred) or PDF.
   (Only electronic submissions will be considered)

Note: authors who plan to submit a paper are encouraged to contact
workshop organizers as soon as possible.


   Junichi Akahani, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
   Allan Dix, Lancaster University
   Thomas Erickson, IBM T.J. Watson Reseach Center
   Hans-Werner Gellersen, University of Karlsruhe
   Robert Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University
   Susumu Kunifuji, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
   Alison Lee, IBM T.J. Watson Reseach Center
   Olivier Liechti, ATR MIC Labs (organizer)
   Yoelle Maarek, IBM Haifa Research Laboratory
   Paul Maglio, IBM Almaden Research Center
   Ivan Poupyrev, ATR MIC Labs
   Mark Sifer, IBM Haifa Research Laboratory
   Yasuyuki Sumi, ATR MIC Labs (organizer)
   Konrad Tollmar, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
   Jim Whitehead, University of California, Irvine


   - September 29th, 2000: Submission deadline
   - October 13th, 2000: Notification of acceptance
   - October 27th, 2000: Early registration deadline
   - December 2nd, 2000: Workshop at ACM CSCW'2000


Olivier Liechti is a researcher at the ATR MIC Labs. He got his Diploma
in Computer Science from University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and his
Doctorate degree from Hiroshima University (Japan). Olivier previously
worked for Prisme Informatique, an IT company based in Switzerland. His
main research interests are in computer mediated communication,
human-computer interaction and Web-based systems.

email :
home page:
phone : ++81 (774) 95 1445
fax : ++81 (774) 95 1408

Dr. Yasuyuki Sumi has been a researcher at ATR Media Integration &
Communications Research Laboratories since 1995. His research interests
include knowledge-based systems, information visualization, information
retrieval, interface agents, mobile/wearable/ubiquitous computing, and
their applications for supporting human collaboration. He received B.Eng.
degree from Waseda University in 1990, and M.Eng. and D.Eng. degrees in
information engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1992, and 1995,

email :
home page:
phone : ++81 (774) 95 1401
fax : ++81 (774) 95 1408

Olivier Liechti
ATR MIC Labs, Department 2 phone: ++81 (774) 95 1445
Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan fax: ++81 (774) 95 1408

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