Transmeta files S-1, signs Sony, and flirts with a Gigahertz...

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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 22:46:56 PDT

Transmeta filed its S-1 this week:

Here's the free edgar version:

[Lots of goodies in there, Rohit.]

Geez, this company is too huge to be considered a "scrappy" startup.
Anyone want to play a game of "Where's Linus"?

Looks like Transmeta also unveiled a new chip and signed up Sony:

> Wednesday saw the startup introduce a new model of its Crusoe chip, the
> TM5600, at the Hot Chips conference, and then came the news that Sony
> has been added to Transmeta's growing roster of clients.
> The TM5600 is a 700MHz chip designed for use in ultra-light notebook
> computers and is based on Transmeta's 128-bit VLIW (Very Long
> Instruction Word) technology. Just as with Transmeta's other Crusoe
> processors, the TM3200 and TM5400, the TM5600 requires far less
> battery power than most processors, according to the company, which
> says that the new chip consumes 10 percent less power than its already
> low-power Crusoe predecessors.
> ...
> Though Transmeta's processors are not based on the x86 architecture,
> the one that underlies Intel and AMD chips, they are fully compatible
> with that standard. The process of achieving that compatibility slows
> down the Transmeta processors, Krewell indicated.
> Performance concerns haven't deterred Sony from adding itself to a
> list of laptop makers using Transmeta chips that already includes such
> industry heavyweights as IBM, Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC. Sony confirmed
> that it will in fact ship a future model of its VAIO laptop computer
> with the Crusoe processor at its heart.
> Published reports said the laptop will ship by the end of the
> year. Sony said that the notebook will be added to the existing VAIO
> C1 line of ultra-light portables. The C1 series includes a digital
> camera built into the top of the screen, is slightly more than one
> inch thick and weighs in at just over 2 pounds.
> Transmeta processors are targeted at exactly this type of lightweight
> computer, which focuses on battery life over performance, according to
> Krewell.
> "The processor alone can't double battery life," he said, noting that
> factors such as display types and hard drive use also play large roles.

ZDNet was more melodramatic about it:,4586,2617253,00.html

> As the old saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Advanced
> Micro Devices Inc. and Transmeta Corp. are about to announce a relationship.
> ...
> However, sources say the two companies might swap patents in a manner
> similar to AMD's past patent-swapping deal with Motorola Inc.
> Transmeta is particularly interested in AMD's Lightning Data Transfer
> technology, sources said. LDT is a high-speed processor interconnect
> technology created to be AMD's new bus technology. It provides up to a
> 20-fold increase in bandwidth and will be used for input/output,
> co-processing and multi-processing functions. LDT will see use later
> this year in forthcoming chip sets for Athlon processors.
> ...
> Earlier in the week Transmeta CEO David Dietzel revealed details on
> the company's latest Crusoe processor for notebook PCs, the TM5600,
> running at speeds of up to 800MHz. A follow-on to the TM5600, the
> TM5800, will reach gigahertz speeds in the first half of next year.

A gigahertz in .13 micron technology (with a 1MB cache) expected to be
released sometime in 2001? Rajit, is that supposed to impress us?

> IBM also licensed Transmeta's chip technology in December 1997, and
> Toshiba followed suit in February 1998. Initially, the agreements
> gave IBM and Toshiba the ability to manufacture x86-compatible chips
> using technology acquired from Transmeta.
> "Under these agreements, we received license fees, access to
> technology, engineering and test services, mask sets and wafer and
> other production services and granted IBM and Toshiba rights to
> manufacture and market x86-compatible products incorporating the
> licensed technology," the S-1 form stated.
> Transmeta, however, reacquired those rights it granted to IBM and
> Toshiba for cash and stock.
> "(Now) IBM and Toshiba retain a license to manufacture, market and sell
> non-x86 compatible products incorporating the licensed technology," the
> S-1 form states. "We are not entitled to any future license fees under
> these license agreements, and we do not expect to receive license
> revenue from any other party."

Man, the things companies have to do to strike deals with the big guys...

And here's ZDNet's "Climbing the megahertz ladder" section:,4586,2617253-2,00.html

> More details from the S-1 filing indicate that Transmeta has no plans
> to stop at 800MHz. Its TM5800 chip, due in the first half of next
> year, will hit speeds of 1GHz (1,000MHz).
> "As yields improve and customer performance demands increase, we
> expect to introduce the TM5800 Crusoe microprocessor. We expect that
> this microprocessor may have increased Level 2 cache of up to 1MB, and
> use more advanced semiconductor technology, moving to a .13 micron
> CMOS technology as soon as it is available during 2001," the S-1 says.
> The TM5800 will allow Transmeta to catch up with rival Intel Corp.,
> which will hit 1GHz in the first half of the year with its mobile
> Pentium III. AMD (NYSE: AMD) should also be at or near 1GHz around
> the same time. It will begin shipping mobile Athlon chips this fall.
> When it comes to the Internet appliance market, Transmeta is moving
> its TM3000 series chip technology toward lower power and lower cost.


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