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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 02:04:17 PDT

> Alex Barnell: "Here's a start:
> freenet:CHK@jF41PhEa7kmrNLJQmsYbQadi5-cDAQ,if86xIl3SeKDjVoSnhJoMA "

So... I'm seeing more and more little references to freenet scattered
around, was wondering what folks here know about its current maturity /
scalability. To what extend is it still really a research effort?
i.e. Is this a rehearsal or is this the real thing?

If the latter I expect to see people applying RDF to freenet URIs (even
though RDF is hard). But how long before we can see the likes of my
example (below).

I've got a reasonable handle on RDF's deployability; have no real sense
for where we're up to with Freenet and the like right now. Is it still
in the lab or is this buildable?


<web:Description about="freenet:dsCHK@jF41PhEa7kmrNLJQmsYbQadi5-cDAQ,if8fyerysersgfhggdetcetcetc">
<rdfs:seeAlso web:resource =""/>
<CDMETA:onlinePaymentURI web:resource=""/>
        <dc:Title>The Who / Who's Better, Who's Best</dc:Title>
                <web:li>My Generation</web:li>
                <web:li>Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere</web:li>
                <web:li>The Kids are Alright</web:li>

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