Re: Prozac for everyone.

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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 07:33:49 PDT

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<< The SSRI's are actually not more effective in treating
 depression than many of the older antidepressant drugs, but they are
 much safer and have less side-effects. What they all do is restore the
 neurotransmitter balance so that the patient can think and feel as he
 normally would. It restores the mind back to a more normal state of
 functioning, much like exogenous insulin might be required to restore
 a normal state of glucose metabolism in a diabetic. Since we know
 that some patients are prone to recurrent neurotransmitter imbalance
 resulting in frequent depressive symptoms (perhaps you, Eirikur), it
 makes a lot of sense for these persons to remain on SSRI's

Was waiting for your input. :-) I am puzzled by Jeff's immediate reaction
to zoloft, which sounds like mania. Don't antideps take weeks and weeks to
saturate the brain?

(sorry to discuss you in the third person, jbone)

Also, your thoughts on welbutrin, which is being used to treat everything
from ADD to depression to smoking cessation. How the heck does THAT work?
(tried it for a bit for ADD - hated it.) I ask my doctor questions about how
meds work, how I work, but their answers are always murky. I am beginning to
think doctors are so hyperaware of liability that they think an explanation
might come off sounding like a claim or promise. Or maybe they just don't


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