What an adventure!

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From: Dave Winer (dave@userland.com)
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 21:00:50 PDT

I gotta tell you about today.

My panel was very hostile to me and barely let me finish a sentence on how
great music on the Internet is. They called me a pirate. It was kind of a
bad scene.

Well anyway, on my walk before leaving for SF this morning I took a tape
with me that I made in the mid-70s of British Invasion music, Dan Fogelberg
on the other side.

I must have run out of British music cause I threw in an old Spike Jones
song, Der Feurher's Face. It's totally hilarious, and historic. I assume it
was WWII music for Americans (apologies to any Germans on the list). When I
came home I immediately fired up Napster and searched for it. Got it.
Cracked me up 18 times. Somehow a Band song ended up in the search results,
Rag Mama Rag. So I downloaded it too. I used to love this song, and I still

Then just for fun I searched for Rag Mama Rag and found that one of my three
favorite bands, Little Feat, did the song too. I dowloaded it. Listening to
it now. It's so cool! One of my favorite songs done by one of my favorite
bands and I didn't even know they did it.

If only, somehow I could show the people in the music industry that there's
an art to listening to music. I'm sure they make no money on Der Feurher's
Face, and the two versions of Rag Mama Rag that I'm listening to now, and
getting so much pleasure from.

Why can't we all get what we want?


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