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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 02:58:53 PDT

(trimmed a bunch of cc:'s I didn't recognise; don't like shouting into caves :-)

Hi Dave,

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

> My panel was very hostile to me and barely let me finish a sentence on how
> great music on the Internet is. They called me a pirate. It was kind of a
> bad scene.
> Why can't we all get what we want?

Yeah, it's depressing that the huge number of number of Very Cool Things
we can build with the likes of MP3 and distributed search have
got to have this stigma over them right now. Just because it's

So, I like your "Get a Legal Copy" idea for Radio-Userland... I'm
wondering how feasible it is for this activity (ie. finding legal
copies, and other related purchasables) to be made a bit easier somehow.

Right now, everyone seems to be identifying CDs / musical works using
the little checksum hash thing derrived from the CD table of contents
(eg. the code sent to or such as 000e6e15).

What's missing on the "Get a Legal Copy" front is a mechanical way of
discovering services,
that let you key into their online catalogues based on these IDs. I
guess a few of them must have this data, they're just not exposing it,
which is a pity. We could (for relatively little technology
overhead) have 'Buy the T Shirt','See this band live','Get a $bandname
tattoo' etc right-click options. There must be hundreds of sites out
there than can offer something interesting, even
purchasable-to-benefit-of-artist, given an identifier for the
artist. And since the freedb data's out there (and since there are
suppliers such as who might have a role) I reckon (naively) the database
side of this isn't the big problem. The hard bit is that we don't have a
standard way of characterising website search interfaces yet, that would
make it clear to the Web when site XYZ could be searched by compact disk

So a SOAP question. Is this the kind of space that SOAP (or SOAP-IDL or
whatever) is supposed to be operating in. Could a site manager write
SOAP-IDL that expressed mechanically the fact that it sold T-shirts for
bands, when the band is identified through (say) Compact Disk checksum
(or mailbox or homepage for that matter.

Hope I'm making some sense here! Basically I want to be see a
database of services that might populate the right-click 'do the legal
thing' option for Mp3/napster based systems...


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