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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 09:38:24 PDT

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

--]If only, somehow I could show the people in the music industry that there's
--]an art to listening to music. I'm sure they make no money on Der Feurher's
--]Face, and the two versions of Rag Mama Rag that I'm listening to now, and
--]getting so much pleasure from.

It dont matter that its easy for some of us to get these songs and it dont
matter that some of these older bits should be past thier money making

Part of my joy in information flowage is Old TIme Radio. I have something
like 150 cds (each with 70-100 shows) packed with Old TIme Radio from as
far back as the way early 30s to the tip of the now. SOme of it you woudl
think would be long goen from the scope of the middlemenmoenyrabasses.


Enter Carl Amari and Radio SPirits, now a subsiduary of Media Bay. R$
under Amaris rule has been going after web sit owners who make Old Time
Radio mp3s avialable and has addressed the otr sceen with much the same
stance as the RIAA and LArs inthose Flash movies ("hi im carl fuckin
armari from Radio spirits and I gave blood swet and fucking tears for Old
time Radio so therefore I own it all cause I got lawyers and if you dont
buy it from me and dl it fromthe interweb I will throw your soory ass into
a jail cell to be used as some ones buttery bunghole.")

BUt thats ok. His companys worth is taking a hit and the trading of Old
TIme Radio has , in the last year, mutated to this well oiled machine of
sharing on free web space sites (myplay does 3 gig for free, you now how
much otr fits on 3 meg? Lots) and going back to snail mail round robins to
pass around full collections (i send it to you, you burn it then pass it
on down the list)

So you see it just doesnt matter what the industry says. Its already a
done deal. The Old TIme radio shows and the music in a larger sceen will
not be stoped. Thats teh long and short of it. Those of us who have been
inthe midst of information flowage since the bbs days and before know
this. The scale has gotten bigger but its the same as the days of The
Humble Guys and FC and a slew other touchstones.

The onlynew slant on this is the scale.and the fact that grandma is now
techicaly a juarez head:)-

And to me thats one of the greatest achievments of the whole sheeban, the
fact more and more users are leaning the ways to circumvent the "sytem".
and its becoming a familar modus operendi.

The worth of a net can be determined by its abundance.

Its true

its true

--]Why can't we all get what we want?

we can, we do. come join in the flow.

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