Re: What is RDF?

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 05:19:26 PDT

Dan, there's no problem navigating or creating directed graphs through the
outliner interface. We did it in 1984, and we have it working once again,
over HTTP, in 2000, in Radio UserLand.

The user interface is easy on both sides. The reader doesn't know or care
that they've traversed a link, to the reader it appears as if the linked-to
material is part of the hierarchy they're drilling into. Just expand it and
the details fill in. On the authoring side put the cursor on a node that you
want to turn into a link, choose a command, paste the URL, click on OK.

We have it running right now on Mac and Windows, and it's very magical. All
we had to invent was an XMLization for outlines, everything else is W3C and
IETF standard stuff.

It's different from the HTML web in presentation, we think of it as the
World Outline. It's going to be big in several areas, website management,
music appreciation, and it's the way around the authoring bottleneck at web
directories like Yahoo and DMOZ.

BTW, we have the same problem in our XMLization as HTML does, each item does
not have a URL, I wish I had some insight into how to solve this problem,
maybe it's time for a trip to the whiteboard.


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