So much for the North Pole vanishing...

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Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 11:32:34 PDT

Not that any of this will temper Gore's rhetoric from the left...

  Experts are poles apart over ice cap

                BY NICK NUTTALL
  SCIENTISTS were last night embroiled in an argument
  over the extent to which ice is disappearing from the
  Arctic as a result of global warming.

  An American researcher claimed that the ice cap at the
  North Pole had completely melted for the first time in 50
  million years and that it had been replaced by a mile-wide
  area of ocean. But a leading British Arctic scientist said
  that the emergence of ice-free areas was nothing new and
  that it had been happening for thousands of years.

  Dr Peter Wadhams, director of the Scott Polar Institute in
  Cambridge, said yesterday: "Claims that the North Pole is
  now ice-free for the first time in 50 million years is
  complete rubbish, absolute nonsense . . . What is
  happening is of concern but it is gradual, not sudden or

  He agreed that the extent of open water in the summer
  months was on the rise, as was the thinning of the Arctic

  The claim that the Pole is ice free for the first time came
  from Dr James McCarthy of the American Museum of
  Natural History and the director of the Museum of
  Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. On a trip to
  the Arctic, he witnessed the mile-wide ice-free cap and
  put out a press release which was picked up by the New
  York Times.

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