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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 13:34:52 PDT

My spouse and I are still waiting for Berkeley CA to either take down
their smug little PC signage reading "you are now entering a
nuclear-free-zone" or to cast off their hypocrisy and actually stand by
their alleged principles by:
        a) getting rid of any and all NMR/MRI diagnostic equipment in their
        b) working out a town-level agreement with PG&E and the power brokers
to make sure that no nuclear-derived energy is used within their
borders, even if it costs more
        and most critically,
        c) building a light-impervious shell over their township borders to
prevent any nuclear-solar energy from entering

Until then, we'll feel free to sneer derisively at the signs. Would
that we had a radium watch to wear within town boundaries. :-)

"Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it's BAD for them!"
                                - mad scientist in REPO MAN

PS- no, I'm not a nuke plant fan, I just can't stand Berkeley. :-)

Tom Whore wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:
> --]
> --]E.'s thread has me thinking, in fact, there are certain "commons" such
> --]as the Sun which have a real impact on [my] life and which can and
> --]should and do stand outside the sphere of the "owned." Since they
> --]cannot be owned, even infinite money cannot buy them. So I revise my
> --]assertion the other day, much to Gordon's and my own chagrin: there
> --]are things that (even infinite) money can't buy.
> Gievn enough time and captial growth I think it is very likely the entity
> known as The Sun will be owned much the same way Sony owns music.
> More importantly I think it is already far past the time when people THINK
> they can own the sun. If the mindset exists to think they can then it is
> somehow going to come to pass, if left unchallanged, that they will .
> People already own chucks of the Earth(tm). So it is a simple tasks to
> extrapulate out to the point of one enitity owning it all.
> Try not to get up in the arguments of scale, insted focus on the
> underlying cause.
> For instance, our recent freind the UberAllControlingBuilder. THis mindset
> is simply another example that has plauge humanity from the get go. that
> being "I know better than you there for I will control you, or set up the
> mechanisms to control you, for your own good"
> Be it the beerhall drunk paper hanger or the senate seated suit they all
> fall down when a large enough group of people yell "you aint got no
> clothes on" and monkey wrench thier "best viewed under crystal"
> manifestoed plans. A few go on to capture the hearts and or wallets of
> the masses, most simply languish in eventual self loathing and despair.
> Learn what you can from them. they often have great reasoning behind the
> pustch to control. Cast off the shackle talk and recycle the rest.
> And before anyone ets the big idea...Jupiter is MINE all min min I tell
> you....
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