Re: What is RDF?

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From: Guha (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 17:02:41 PDT


 There are a couple of points I would like to make.

(a) You seem to have issues with XML namespaces, RDF, etc. It would be
good to raise questions, point out shortcomings, etc. of the technical
issues. There was a lot of that during the development of xmlns and rdf.

 What is different between that and this discussion is that this discussion
seems focussed on the people behind the technologies and their motives.
It is unclear to me how this discussion will increase our understanding of
the technology. It would be good to return to old fashioned technical
flame wars ...

(b) You seem annoyed at the emergence of RSS 1.0. You suggest
that it was somehow inappropriate for OReilly, Dan Brickley, Edd,
myself and others to propose RSS 1.0 without getting your blessing first.

  Following your line of reasoning, it was inappropriate for Microsoft
to start doing work on HTML. After all, Netscape had been doing
it for over a year and a half before MS got into it seriously. And Netscape
should not have done it because ...

  If there is any entity which has a modicum of a right to cry foul
wrt RSS 1.0, it is Netscape, not you. If you had wanted a format
that was all your own, that no one else can do much with, you
should never have started using the term RSS. When you decided
to do that, you ran the risk of this happening.


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