Re: XORBA, XELDA, antileasing, presence, and other randomthoughts

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 22:57:00 PDT

> Let's just call it "The Web", and check the little "been there, done that"
> box.

Wow, what a broken attempt at reductio.

There's just this little issue of abstraction. Your argument is equivalent to
(the vulnerable and yet somewhat silly) argument that there's no value in
writing applications in, say, C vs. assembler because really even a small
instruction set provides everything you need. While the second part is
literally true, I doubt anyone here would argue that there's no advantage. For
that matter, you don't need all of { POST GET DELETE PUT } because *any one of
them* (take your pick) could be treated as equivalent to { INVOKE } -> response
which is *really* all you need to do any form of computation whatsoever.

Lots of messy details: how do I construct a standardized associative query
over GET; what is the result format? How can I deal with issues of transience
and persistence, ala leases etc.? Etc. etc. etc.

I hear your point, though; I'm just suggesting that a simple standardized way
to literally do the higher-level semantic operations mentioned gets you a lot
further than the mucky "anything goes" situation we find today. XML-RPC / SOAP
gets you a lot futher down the road; it's a mighty fine substrate for what
we're talking about. Surely there's a happy medium in here somewhere.

> The plumber has left the building.

Check out plumber(4).

> MB


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