makes nice with Sony.

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 09:30:17 PDT

[tsh sayz: If would just drop dealing with these companys and
focus on the unsigned bands asepect of things I would be much happier.
Then again I can see where having a startegic allience with the current
crop of big league music corps could do a bottom line good.

Its turning out the glory days for's idealism is near, or at, an

Also, has 150 mil to put aside for legal fees and penaltys? thats
a lot of DAM cds:)- ]

"Online music service has reached a $20m (13m) damages settlement
with Sony Music Entertainment, home to artists such as Jamiroquai, Bruce
Springsteen and Mariah Carey. The deal will allow the company to use the
record label's music under licence as part of its internet-based service.

However, the payment only represents damages during past violations of

In future, will make 'royalty' payments every time a user
registers a Sony CD, or downloads one of its songs. The deal is believed
to be similar to earlier agreements reached between and the
Time-Warner, EMI, and Bertelsmann (BMG) music giants.

"This settlement affirms and upholds the right of copyright owners to be
paid for the use of their works on the internet," said Al Smith, senior
vice-president at Sony Entertainment.

Although the settlement has been reached out of court, a judge has ruled
that a trial is still necessary to resolve other cases of copyright
infringement by the San Diego based company. The case is expected to
resume on 28 August. Earlier this year, said it had set aside a
fund of $150m to meet legal settlements with music companies and

The Seagram company's Universal Music Group is the only major music
company still to reach a settlement with, although there are still
several music publishers with outstanding claims."

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