Re: XORBA, XELDA, antileasing, presence, and other random thoughts

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 10:40:06 PDT

> Lets reimplement all the solutions we've had since the stone age that we
> used TCP for, and use HTTP instead *wink wink* "We have to, it's the
> firewalls"... Sure the XML is 3x as large and noone can really
> understand the layers and layers of abstractions to maintain it... It's
> good for you, really, trust us...

In general, I agree with Adam's screed, here, but I will note that TCP does
*not* in itself provide semantics for object-level naming and invocation of
operations on thusly named objects. Side note: Adam, if you're so against
wheel reinvention, ahem semantic extension and layering, why are *you* doing it
too? Admitting to only a cursory level of understanding, it's not clear to me
what class of applicaitons are enabled / what unique problems are solved by COSM
that weren't solved by any of: ONC RPC, DCE, Sprite, Linda, Amoeba, CORBA, PVM,
Clouds, Helios, etc. etc. etc. Or indeed, by TCP, or even IP for that matter?

Tilting at windmills for a better tomorrow,


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