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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 16:18:15 PDT

In deference to those who don't care to check it out for themselves...


The file I described is a new single, into which the band itself has
inserted humorous promotional cutaways. They poke fun at the listener
and themselves, and plug their new album, "Marooned", due September 12.

They mention in passing that after the album's release, "I'm sure you
can download lots of stuff from our record", without implying either
approval or disapproval of that fact.

It's the first time I've seen a "major act" napster-bomb their own
material, using humor without judgement to deliver a promotional

It's an impressive adaptation, and I hope they get some bonus PR
from this prank.

Also, the song is a cute little ditty of innocence and dissociation.

I got to see Barenaked Ladies perform in center field of San Francisco's
PacBell park a few months ago, at the "ECompanyNow" magazine launch
party. It was some primo TimeWarner synergy, a WarnerBrothers recording
act plugging a Time magazine.

Live, BNL was very funny and inventive, and they performed a custom rap
about dot-commers and MP3 issues for the event. I'm sure they'll thrive
regardless of the fate of the traditional recording industry.

- Gordon

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> Fire up Napster. Search for Barenaked Ladies' new single
> 'Pinch Me'. Grab the one that's...
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> Listen.
> It's OK. I'm pretty sure they want you to get it.
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