[eOnline] Wife Hits Eminem with $10M Lawsuit.

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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 16:08:40 PDT

tom, think this was all carefully orchestrated to generate more
publicity to sell more albums?


I should download hi audio on mp3 and show the whole world how he...
oh, nevermind...

> Wife Hits Eminem with $10M Lawsuit
> by Mark Armstrong
> Aug 22, 2000, 5:00 PM PT
> The women in Eminem's life seem to have a lot in common: Both have
> love/hate relationships with the foul-mouthed rapper, and both are ripe
> targets for his frenzied lyrical assaults.
> Guess it only makes sense, then, that Eminem's estranged wife, Kimberly
> Mathers, made like the rapper's mother and filed a $10 million
> defamation lawsuit Monday against him, according to the Detroit Free
> Press.
> Less than a week after the multiplatinum-selling rapper (otherwise known
> as Marshall Bruce Mathers III) filed for divorce from his wife of 14
> months, Mrs. Mathers alleges in her suit that her husband is unfit for
> even partial custody of their 4-year-old daughter.
> She's also asking for $10 million, claiming he defamed her during
> onstage antics, and in the lyrics to his song "Kim," a tune that, as the
> suit claims, "depicts horrific domestic violence against the wife,
> resulting in her grisly murder."
> It's the same dollar figure that was requested by Eminem's mom, Debbie
> Mathers-Briggs, who sued her 27-year-old son last year, claiming he
> dissed her in songs and interviews. (She also filed another $1 million
> defamation suit against him earlier this month.)
> Eminem, meanwhile, is seeking joint custody of their daughter, in a
> battle that began very publicly in June. The rapper was arrested for
> allegedly pistol-whipping a man caught kissing Eminem's wife outside a
> Warren, Michigan, bar.
> According to Kimberly Mathers' complaint, the pair separated that day,
> and Eminem has spent only three nights at their Sterling Heights home
> since then. (He spent much of the summer traveling with Dr. Dre's
> all-star Up In Smoke concert tour.) Meanwhile, her lawyer, Neil Rockind,
> writes that Eminem "threatened to...evict her from the marital home and
> to leave her penniless," and cut off her American Express card.
> Em's manager, Paul Rosenberg, told the Free Press the charges are
> without merit, and the hip-hopster would "go to the mat" for joint
> custody of his daughter. "It changes the tenor. Em's not going to be
> happy with that," he said. "Everybody on our side wanted to keep things
> low-key and work things out amicably."


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