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From: Lane Becker (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 07:41:03 PDT

>Deepleap -- Neat technology but no immediately apparent customers. I
>wonder who will pick it up in a firesale.

Well, we've gotten interest in it from a wide range of companies since I
sent out that message. Which was a big part of the reason we sent it
out. :) So I'll let you know when something happens. Unless someone on
this list is interested...

>It's a jungle out there, and
>they hit their "fume date" way too soon. (That term, "fume date", I
>learned in the NY Times article about Webtaggers

Never heard that one. Webtaggers has an idiotic, much replicated idea
(branded toolbar on IE) and AVLabs backing, and AV is big here in town,
so I can't imagine they'll just disappear. I'm sure they'll just
completely rewrite the biz plan once they discover that no one's buying it.

>I guess lots of press isn't worth what it used to be...

How's that saying go? Press is easy. Comedy is difficult. Something
like that. Anyway, it was my experience that most of the reporters I
spoke with were so utterly delighted to have a human on the other end of
the line rather than a pr droid that they went on to write glowing,
glowing reviews. Funny how that works.


lane, at
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