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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 10:57:23 PDT

Ah COPA, perhaps one of the most ill-thought, and ill-enforced laws
in some time. Any kid with half a brain, does the math and poof,
he's 14. OR 20, or 65... And it unneccessarily requires your info
whether you want it or not. Unfortunately, it extends past Egroups,
and just about anything dealing with chat or multiple groups of
people ( Say ICQ, AIM, etc) requires this stupid age verification
thing. I'm always a bitch about it, and put in Jan. 1, 1900, but its
an irritating setback none the less..

--- In, Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.Coar@G...> wrote:
> Here's one that sent my wife into gales of laughter..
> I've been using eGroups for months now, and haven't been terribly
> impressed with them. But some of the lists I need to follow are
> there, so oh well.
> I was recently added to a list by the list moderator, who set
> me to 'Web-only'. Since I wanted to get posts in email, I had
> to log in to eGroups to change the setting. Since I had never
> changed my profile, I did that too (it might have been required;
> I forget).
> One of the required fields on the profile was 'birthdate', with
> no explanation (that I saw) of why they needed it. I don't
> consider that to be any of eGroups' business, so I put in
> 1 January 2000. No problemo.
> Except now I can't post to my lists because eGroups thinks I'm
> under 13 years of age, and pursuant to US law, requires consent
> from my parents. (They must think me precocious, though, to
> be posting at eight months of age. :-)
> Fixing this requires manual intervention by eGroups, who list
> no telephone numbers and whose domain contact's telephone number
> is bogus. Pretending to be my own parent (with my middle name and
> a different eddress), I get a form that will 'take a couple of
> weeks to process.' Emails to the support address have as yet
> garnered no action nor response.
> When I'm not irritated by this, I think it's a hoot.
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