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From: John Klassa (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 12:51:55 PDT

>>>>> On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, "Dave" == Dave Winer wrote:

  Dave> This evening I learned that O'Reilly invested in Pyra, who makes
  Dave> Blogger, which competes head-on with Manila. While we were
  Dave> working with O'Reilly, at times very intensely, and always for
  Dave> free, they were betting on our competitor. Needless to say this
  Dave> should have been disclosed. I have a very sick feeling in my
  Dave> stomach this evening, this hurts so much you can't believe. BTW,
  Dave> O'Reilly is a much bigger company than UserLand. I feel so
  Dave> damned used. Dave

How much is Tim O' involved in this? From outward appearances, he seems
like a rather ethical guy. Maybe I'm just a bad judge of character...

John Klassa /

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