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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 14:55:27 PDT

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Kragen Sitaker wrote:

> In the wake of Netscape's announcement, Christine Peterson invented the
> term at a brainstorming session with Eric Raymond and others,
> specifically to describe what the FSF calls "free software". Most of
> those folks went on to found the Open Source Initiative in the next
> week, with the support of the others.
> The Open Source Initiative published the Open Source Definition
> (, a modified version of the Debian Free Software
> Guidelines, which defines what the OSI means by the term they
> invented. Any other definition is prima facie illegitimate ---
> an attempt to hijack the term.

So does any one know what's up with ? Doesn't
seem to have changed much in over a year. All quiet on the OSI front?




19 July 1999: Dataquest predicts that Linux will take 25% of the
worldwide server-appliance market by 2003.

7 July 1999: Major reorganization of the site, with a new certification

16 Jun 1999: OSI Certified Open Source mark announced.

16 Jun 1999: Site reorganized. Halloween Documents have been moved to
their own subdirectory; so have the conforming licenses.

7 May 1999: Added The Practical Manager's Guide to Linux to the cases

4 May 1999: Kleiner Perkins invests in Linux. From now on, nobody will
be fired for deploying Linux....

3 May 1999: Updated Board page. New daily transfer record at Walnut

18 Jan 1999: Added Jeff Prothero's The Last Dinosaur and the Tarpits of
Doom: How Linux Smashed Windows to the cases page.

18 Dec 1998: Added a FAQ entry on where to get open-source usage
statistics. Also added a section on the open-source case for

8 Dec 1998: Sun Microsystems announces Linux on UltraSparcs and
announces that Solaris will get Linux binary compatibility.

25 Nov 1998: Open Letter to AOL published.

22 Nov 1998: Launch of the Open Source Initiative.

4 Nov 1998: Added the Halloween II document.

1 Nov 1998: Added the Halloween I document.

15 Sep 1998: Added the sound bytes item to the FAQ page, and more to the
FAQ item on trademark usage.

2 Aug 1998: Added Eric Rauch's plot of `open source' hits over time in
the Lexis/Nexis database to the history page.

1 Aug 1998: Added security item to FAQ.

29 July 1998: The Forbes article is out.

21 July 1998: Added the timeline to the history page.

15 July 1998: Added the InterJet entry to the products page.

25 June 1998: Added many items, including the Datapro market study, the
IBM Apache announcement, and John Kirch's devastating white paper on NT
vs. Unix.

3 May 1998: Added Cobalt Microserver, Inc. to the products page.

27 May 1998: Added `Are you guys opposed to intellectual property
rights?' item to the FAQ.

15 May 1998: Added the ``Yahoo and FreeBSD'' case study to the cases

7 May 1998: Corel joins the good guys on the products page.

28 April 1998: Complete visual redesign by treefrog
<>. Also, added new material to the press coverage

26 Apr 1998: Added C2Net entry to products page.

19 Apr 1998: Added a page on closed sources and the Y2K problem.

2 Apr 1998: Added Riverace to the products page.

1 Apr 1998: Paragraph on legal entanglements from Jerry Fass

30 Mar 1998: Added Walnut Creek to the products list.

23 Mar 1998: Added a fourth successful business model and the German
translation of the OSD and rationale.

13 Mar 1998: added a link to the Open Design Circuits proposal.

12 Mar 1998: Added the United Railway Signal Group case study.

1 Mar 1998: Andrew Cervin-Lawry pointed out that the bazaar mode of
software resembles the way Japanese consumer-electronics companies have
traditionally done product development.

27 Feb 1998: Extended discussion of trade secrets vs. open source; when
to choose one over the other. Thanks to Reinoud Lamberts
<> for challenging us to treat this issue more deeply.

26 Feb 1998: Added discussion of open-source incentives for companies
that are customers of their own developers.

25 Feb 1998: Added Cyclades, Inc. to the products page.

24 Feb 1998: Total rewrite and expansion of site by Eric S. Raymond.

Mid-February 1998: Site brought up by Bruce Perens.

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