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From: Mike Masnick (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 15:29:04 PDT

Trying (and mostly failing) to keep up with all this FoRK-traffic...

At 03:42 PM 8/20/00 -0500, Adam L. Beberg wrote:

>Exactly, it's too late. The bay is now a place you _have_ to come to get
>money, get started, and then run like hell to somewhere back in the real
>world where you can do things like hire people. Noone likes it, not the
>natives, not the seekers, not the imported H-1B slave labor.

I have to admit, I actually like the Bay Area. You people like to complain
way too much. Sure there are problems, but if you dislike it that much, go
away. Most of my friends around here really like it as well. It's nice,
the weather's great (though time doesn't always seem to exist in the
absence of real seasons). There's lots of smart people here. Traffic is
not nearly as bad as everyone says (then again, I'm from NY, so my
standards might be slightly different). Lots of cool things to do in the
area or nearby. Plenty of variety (people who think everyone here is the
same I guess happen to hang out in all the wrong places). I still don't
see what everyone's been complaining about... Yes, there are some
egotistical people around, but it's really not hard to ignore them.

My one complaint might be the general lack of a sense of humor among a
large percent of the population (particularly in the women I end up
dating). People in NY always seemed funnier, but maybe I'm making that up.

At 10:42 AM 8/21/00 -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:
>I will admit one thing about the Bay Area that's irreplaceable, Planes of
>or not: Clark's Burgers on Camino Real in, I think, Mountain View...
>absolutely hands down the best hamburger in the world, IMO.

Menlo Park. Unless there's one in Mtn View as well, but yes the burgers
are fantastic. The only place I'd say that has better ones is Joe's Cable
Car in San Francisco (and I'm not even normally a burger person, but *damn*
are those good burgers). They make me drool... It's not a pretty sight.


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