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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 16:34:25 PDT listed Xconq in the summer of 1986 and
I never did one bit of work the whole Summer. [1] Later
in July 1987, they came out with an X10 version that allowed
more people than two to play over the Internet. I was one
of those tiny number of people who used X.

A quick GoogleVista search shows a history as follows
from George Tyler, Motorola Computer Group:[2]
1968 - ARPANET to share software [I thought it was to share BAAs]
1969 - Unix source to Universities
1971 - MIT group for Free Software
1979 - Sendmail developed
1983 - General Public License (GPL) [I thought this was a recursive def]
1987 - Minux released with source
1991 - Linux Torvalds' Linux version .02
1993 - Free BSD 1.0
1994 - Red Hat & Caldera founded
1995 - Apache Server
1998 - Netscape releases source code

The History of Open Source Project is a little more
daring. They claim that the "open source" label itself wasn't
really "agreed" upon until Feb 3rd, 1998. The exact quote:[3]

> The `open source' label itself came out of a strategy session held on
> February 3rd 1998 in Palo Alto, California. The people present
> included Todd Anderson, Chris Peterson (of the Foresight
> Institute), John `maddog' Hall and Larry Augustin (both of Linux
> International), Sam Ockman (of the Silicon Valley Linux User's
> Group), and Eric Raymond.


Dave Winer wrote:
> Interesting. I've been getting so much email on this.
> I want to ask you a question.
> Did open source software exist before the term was coined?
> Dave

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