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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 17:23:45 PDT

"Dave Winer" <> writes:

> Karl, if you use Windows or Mac, both Blogger and Manila have adjuncts that
> make it so easy to add something to a weblog, it's hard to imagine it
> getting any easier...

I don't use either, but I believe you. But the poster was wondering
about opensource alternatives, which I can understand - I don't want
to get seduced by a content manager that's easy to enter content into,
but might be hard to get content out of if I want to.

That's not a comment on Blogger or Manila, I haven't looked hard at
either. But, you know, an open source idea is that if you don't own
the code today, don't assume that the software will be on your side
tomorrow. Of course, the whole idea behind blogger, web email, &
many other web based services is that ordinary jerks shouldn't have to
own anything, they should just use a standard web interface. But for
me the good thing about open sourced servers is that there's a chance
that enough geeks/entrepreneurs will want to provide these services &
communities will be able to grow around providers that they can trust.

That's why I replaced my bookmarks with the trivial Zope
version as soon as I knew how.

Karl Anderson 

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