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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 18:58:28 PDT

Kragen, consider that there are always many different points of view.

For example, here's a picture of several people.


Who are they and what are they doing?

To see a bunch of stories, all quite different, check out this July thread

It saves a lot of time arguing about who's right, or who's upset, or who
means well or not, to recognize that all of us are running different
programs, even different operating systems. What you see from your pov,
while totally valid, is almost certainly not what I see, which is also
totally valid.

If you liked that, here's another TranceFest asking why there are no women
in the picture, and some funny stories, and if you read to the end you'll
find that there's a surprise.


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> By the way, Dave, I'm sorry you're feeling so upset. I hope things
> work out well between you and O'Reilly --- try not to assume the
> worst. In the cases of WDDX and Bronco/Casbah, the last two times I
> remember you getting upset like this, there was no ill-will on the
> other party's part, and things worked out fine in the end

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