What's in a name?

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From: Jeff Bone (jbone@jump.net)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 12:45:36 PDT

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> - Gordon

"Jeff: The name of Jeff gives you a very inquisitive, restless, seeking nature. You
feel impelled by intense desires that you cannot comprehend or satisfy. You have had the
desire to accomplish something outstanding and to do something very worthwhile for
humanity, especially early in your life. This name gives you a versatile, clever,
analytical mind, but unfortunately you cannot direct your interest toward an undertaking
for long, as you do not have the patience and practicality for systematic hard work and
attention to detail. You resent obstacles, delays, and restrictions. This name gives you
ambition, high ideals, and much creative ability, but the intense dynamic nature is too
often spent in feelings and in moods, rather than in constructive action. You desire to
be your own boss, yet you find it difficult to stabilize your life and to settle down
and be accumulative. Your feelings swing from optimism to pessimism. You can be very
cynical and caustic, and you subject those around you to outbursts of temper and moods
of self-pity. Your home-life particularly would suffer. This name has given you an
appreciation for refinement, and the better things in life such as art, music, and
literature. You can express a very friendly, debonair personality to strangers which
invariably makes a very favourable impression. It has been your experience that once you
lose control to indulgent habits, for example, smoking, drinking, or emotional
outbursts, it is very difficult to retain control. You would be affected in the health
through a sensitive solar plexus and nervous system. Nervous disorders, nervous
indigestion, and stomach ulcers could develop."

Hmmm... well, I'm sold. ;-)

"Gordon: Your first name of Gordon makes you spontaneous and versatile, enjoying
congenial association, appreciating the finer things of life, and loving to talk and
debate. You are strong willed and self-sufficient, not depending on others for
encouragement. Your desire for independence and freedom means that you seldom tolerate
limitations. Although you are naturally happy and generous, you fail to hold friendships
because you are inclined to be too dogmatic, argumentative, or sarcastic. In an
argument, you usually emerge the victor, but at a cost..."

Okay, doubly sold.

"Rohit: Your name of Rohit creates a quick, clever mind capable of grasping and
assimilating new ideas. You are rather studious, mentally challenging each new idea
before accepting it. Because you learn so quickly you have little patience with those
whose mental processes are somewhat slower, and you could become supercilious or
somewhat "know it all" in your attitude. This characteristic could make you rather
unpopular with your associates. Although you are very knowledgeable and intelligent, you
often find spontaneous verbal expression difficult. You crave friendship, understanding,
love, and affection but your reserved manner appears forbidding to others. You can give
expression to your personal thoughts and feelings most fluently through the written
word. You have a sensitive nature--sensitive to your environment and particularly
sensitive to how your deeper and more serious interests are regarded by others. Your
feelings are very easily hurt and to protect yourself you withdraw within the realms of
your own private thoughts and shut out the rest of the world. Moods, which are your
worst enemy, result. Your sensitivity and lack of verbal expression frustrate and limit
the satisfaction in life to be gained from your responsible and capable nature."

Hmmm. Dunno about any problems with spontaneous verbal expression, but otherwise this
whole thing has become way too scary, I'm done with this exercise, stick a FoRK in me.
Er, wait, strike that.



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