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From: Rasheed Baqai (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 21:03:45 PDT

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

> couple of times. But, I think there was something else going on before the
> tribes merged, in Pagong; obviously, that's whenn the G:C thing started
> happening, well before Rich was in the picture. Rumor had it that G. and
> Jenna were kicking it old school at one point, too. Who knows? (I havent'
> been tracking links to all the rumor discussion and so forth I've seen;
> anybody hardcore enough to be able to cough up pointers?)

Regarding the G. and Jenna, interviews by Gretchen and others (along with
Colleen's eye stare during the reunion) have indicated something was going

Obviously, the Internet has been an integral component to the show. Aside
from the official site, is the place to be. Read
the news section and do keyword searches on the message boards to find
good stuff on people you're interested about. (Like Rich is doing a radio
show starting next week). Every interview and known tidbits are
documented. The web-enabled survivors along with Mark Burnett have spend
serious time reading this site and changed some of the episodes due to
material posted on the site.

But of course, the link that is all the rage right now: (Gervase mentioned this at the reunion

(Who didn't get into the taping even though I had "confirmed" tickets to
the reunion and was stuck right outside the soundstage watching it happen
on a monitor (there were "too many" guests/vips of the survivors).)

Oh there is also:

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