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From: Lane Becker (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 23:36:45 PDT

>Intrigued, I just had to research this further on the company website:
>"Our Hot Doughnuts Now sign, when illuminated, is a signal to our
>customers that our signature product, Hot Original Glazed doughnuts, is
>being made. The Hot Doughnuts Now sign is a strong impulse purchase
>generator and an integral contributor to our brand's mystique."
>So that's how they draw in repeat business! A Pavlovian conditioned

my god, have you never had a hot krispy kreme donut?! they're amazing,
and they *must* be eaten while hot. it's a completely different
experience. when they're hot, you don't so much eat them as inhale; you
don't swallow, really, you just... absorb. they're the donut equivalent
of cotton candy.

ding ding.


>And from last month's Barron's:
>"The Krispy Kreme product and experience are magical," the company
>baldly states in its latest annual report. "Even the name
>'Krispy Kreme' has a magical quality, like 'abracadabra.' "

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